Since its establishment, EMC has developed a highly-demanding top-tier client base (leaders in the Energy & Finance industries worldwide). Our core services are in the Business & IT Consulting and Testing segments where EMC has played a significant role in some of the biggest Energy & Financial TRM projects for global leading companies in Europe.

EMC’s management philosophy, our proven top Management, Value creation and high Performance (Your MVP) track record and experienced professional services team has placed us into the heart of the leading consulting & testing markets:

Why choose us? We strive to be your Most Valuable Partner (MVP) in/with everything we do:

  • Highly-demanding top-tier client base (leaders in Energy & Finance industries worldwide)
  • Project partner in some of the largest ETRM/CTRM implementations in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Seasoned and experienced management team, strong international ownership profile and solid project economics allow us to be a leading participant in the markets we serve
  • Experienced and proven consulting, development and testing teams with more than 60 years combined industry experience
  • Certified project management experts
  • Own development and testing infrastructure and facilities
  • High quality and professional state of the art business, IT and testing solutions
  • Full project delivery lifecycle ownership/one stop shop solution provider
  • In-depth knowledge, relationships and experiences regarding the local regions, exchanges as well as track record in established (EU) and emerging markets (Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey)
  • Near shore facility successfully servicing the EMEA, Russia and CIS regions
  • No visa issues within the European Union countries
  • Ability to quickly and qualitatively expand and scale our teams according to clients‘ needs
  • Best cost-benefit ratio for our services