Business, Technology and System Integration Consulting Services

For several years now, we at EMC have been dedicated to advising and working together with our clients in carrying out their IT and Business transformation programs delivering a unique combination of top Management, Value added and high Performance across various operations and industry sectors. We aim to be our clients’ (MVP) Most Valuable Partner in Consulting.

Our experienced professionals help our clients define, design, develop, implement and maintain the systems and processes that best achieve the desired transformation by applying strong, trusted leadership, delivery management and high performance IT and Business consulting solutions every step of the way . An end-to-end provider, EMC has deep expertise in all respective aspects of clients’ business and technology environments, enabling us to not only implement but to evaluate, consult and manage the full program/delivery lifecycle of the chosen solutions. Considering the complexity of the initiatives and tasks involved and the necessary combination of business, technical and project/delivery management skills, most businesses have now decided to outsource their entire IT work landscape including but not limited to system design, hardware, software procurement, implementation, integration, testing & roll out to IT & Business professional services organizations such as EMC. EMC’s key advantage is that unlike many other providers we house all these highly demanding specialized expertise and processes internally being a one-stop solution provider for our clients.

Our Consulting Services team combines EMC's rich project management skills with EMC's experience and proven track record in delivery of high quality and reliable IT services in various domains like Energy & Commodities, Banking & Finance, Manufacturing and other industry sectors. We specialize in end-to-end solutions in Energy/Commodity/Finance Trading and Risk Management, Physical Asset Management, Accounting and Logistics, QA Testing and Business Intelligence as well as Middleware to offer best value professional services to our clients and partners.

Thanks to our unique pledge to “MVP (top Management, Value added, high Performance) in Business and IT”, we offer unmatched value proposition in mapping our customers' needs with system requirements. Innovative utilization of the latest technology with domain expertise from industry verticals of the EMC team makes us impeccable in simultaneous on / off site project execution with lower preparation periods due to reduced coordination delays. We bring together independent systems/solutions utilizing a variety of techniques such as cloud computing, computer networking, enterprise application integration, customer relationship management and business process management, etc. to assist our customers build a distinct competitive advantage.