Testing automation

In today’s always-on, multiple service world, IT applications and software constantly change. EMC's testing automation services provide our clients with exactly the right solution for this challenge. Whether building and establishing a strong automation framework for you, integrating it in your organization or consulting your testing teams on how to do it, EMC’s professionals are there for you.

EMC's testing automation services provide our customers with the following benefits:

  • Effective specification of input as well as output testing data and results
  • Strong flexible testing automation framework covering a wide range of functionality
  • Easily extendable code and repository of objects covering all required and defined test cases
  • Adaptability and improvement of the covered scope with each testing phase
  • Continuous regression testing during software upgrades
  • Parallel and repetitive test execution
  • Significant reduction of required time and efforts for testing
  • Excellent test documentation, logging and reporting capabilities
  • Improvement and avoidance of human and application errors
  • Identification and verification of issues in earlier phases of software development
  • Automated cross platform application testing


Jenkins(Hudson); Chef; (HP Automation Tools) HP Quick Test Professional; HP Quality Center BPT; HP Service Test; HP Unified Test; (IBM Rational) Rational Functional Tester; Rational Robot; (SmartBear) Test Complete; SOAP UI; (Microsoft) Coded UI; VSTS; (Borland) Silk Test; Silk Performer; (Open Source) Sahi; Watir; Selenium RC; Web Driver; Sikuli; Robotium; Fone Monkey; Canoo WebTest; Auto IT; (Oracle) Oracle Application Testing Suite; (TestPlant) Eggplant.

Our Methodology

Successfully building and integrating a testing automation framework for your applications requires the right selection of tools, data and processes. EMC helps you in every step of way: from planning and budgeting through gathering and defining your requirements, testing implementation and execution as well as analysis of results and decision on further steps verifying the quality and performance of your software.

EMC’s testing automation methodology provides our customers with the right solution for constantly changing IT applications in their organizations. It allows for quality implementations, better integration, faster and easier upgrades and maintenance of software.

EMC's professionals use the following two automation framework building approaches:

Custom Framework Approach – EMC can design and develop a custom testing automation framework for you tailored to your specific needs, applications, data and processes. Our team can also help you integrate this framework into your organization. Our experts implement and support various types of frameworks: e.g. Data Driven Framework, Linear Framework, Modular Framework, Hybrid Framework, Keyword Driven Framework and Business Process Driven Framework.

Existing Automation Framework Approach – the already existing EMC testing automation platform can be utilized. Our pre-selection of tools can fit or be adapted to your needs. Every testing phase as part of the automation is fully covered: planning, infrastructure, data gathering and management, test cases generation and processes documentation, test execution, reporting and analysis.